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ARMS : Abuse Restoration Ministry


ARMS is designed to help people overcome the experiences of abuse to include rape, sexual abuse, or abandonment. With experienced facilitators, the Word of God, emotional support and practical assistance – we are expecting breakthroughs of newness of life for many!  The wounds of abuse are not easily recognized nor are their effects readily understood because much of the silent suffering transpires and resides deep within. ARMS will not only help to identify and  recognize the affects of the abuse, but attendees will be empowered to move  on to full restoration and healing. 


Helping Families & Individuals Impacted By Abuse & Abandonment 

Abuse can have a devastating impact not just on the direct victim but also on his or her family.  ARMS offers help to individuals and their families to work through immediate trauma and also prepare for the long-term.  Our belief is one that supports and encourages the active participation in the course, scope, and pace of your treatment. This helps you regain the sense of control over your life that is often lost due to the trauma experienced. Abuse Restoration Ministry develops both short and long-term relationships with spouses, siblings, parents, children, and others.  ARMS is here to assist you in obtaining practical tools with the application of God’s Word to full restoration and healing.


How Does ARMS Help Family Members & Caretakers of the Abused? 

Discovering that your child, a child in your care, or a sibling has been abused is a horrifying experience. You may feel guilt, anger, grief, and many other emotions. They need your support and strength to recover from his or her experience. ARMS provide support to family members and caretakers so that you can begin to recover too. 


If you or someone you know needs ministry in this area, please make plans to join us.  Please call the office at 272-2252 for a one on one appointment or check the events calendar for the next class.

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