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This ongoing class is held every Sunday 9:30-10:30am in the Ignite Center.  It is designed to help people build a biblical foundation that will withstand the storms of a lifetime. Both new and mature believers will benefit greatly from this class,  Firm Foundation will offer Christians everything they need to develop a strong, balanced and victorious spirit-filled life!


"Getting A Grip on Your Emotions" taught by Minister Andrew Freed.  This class will begin April 9, 2017.

Getting A Grip On Your Emotions



Did you know it virtually impossible to experience spiritual maturity apart from emotional maturity?


Many Christians lead a lifestyle where their emotions are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their relationships, their finances, their health, and other important decisions.



Many other Christians experience emotional hijacking. A phenomenon that occurs when anger, fear, depression or some other strong emotion subverts the rational thought process and drive irrational behavior.

I’m excited to present to you the next Firm Foundation lesson entitled “Getting A Grip On Your Emotions!”


In this lesson we will walk you through the Word of God and show you what God says about your emotions. The lesson has 3 class

  • Onion Head: peeling back the layers of your emotions. This class will help you understand the role of your emotions as it relates to your soul

  • Help! They are pushing my Buttons! This lesson is designed to help you take back control of your emotions and not be manipulated by people

  • I Wanna Be Happy! Understanding the principles of happiness



These lessons begins next Sunday in the Ignite Center at 9:00. So if you are experiencing challenges with managing your emotions. Come and let the Word of God help you get a grip on your emotions. ! I will see you there.




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