Unplugged Prayer & Fasting is not just about missing meals. It’s about intentionally shifting our minds from the things of the world and focusing our passion on The Kingdom of God! We’re the most preoccupied generation of believers who has ever lived, a society inundated with facts, but very few of them about God.


We won’t manifest much of the life and power of God if we’re so plugged into cares and information of the world.


This Life Changing Series deals with:

•Refocusing And Recalibrating Our Lives

•Uncluttering & Untangling ourselves from thing that don’t really matter

•Conceiving and giving birth to miracles


Eliminating the Unbelief that cancels out of the benefits of Faith We Don’t Lose Our Passion For God We Just Shift It To Something Or Someone Else We Can’t Expect Different Results In Our Live Is If We Feed On The Same Things Unbelievers Do!!! It takes a lot of Effort – Real Effort to keep your focus on the things of God in  this world we live in. For Those Who Make The Effort And Implement This Teaching – It Will Be Impossible For You Not To Succeed.

Unplugged Prayer & Fasting

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