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2020 has often been referred to as a year of clarity, and usually, clarity comes from being intentional. With all that is going on around us, I believe this is a significant season in our spiritual lives. So we are being intentional about developing and anchoring ourselves to live the God First lifestyle. An indispensable part of that lifestyle is worship through Prayer and Fasting.


We're setting aside these three days this week to enhance our relationship with our God. Period! So, for three days we're going to have concentrated time in God's Word and prayer. We're going step away from the nonessentials while unplugging from the relentless flow of negative, doubt, and fear baiting chatter around us.


Church history tells us through the ages those who have been great in faith and prayer have also fasted much.

Through the supercharging practice of prayer and fasting, Jesus said your Father, who is in secret, would reward you openly. As I often say, it's undeniable that visible, tangible rewards are linked to prayer and fasting!


Lighthouse has witnessed absolutely notable miracles during our corporate fasts over the years and this one will not be an exception.

Fasting is to abstain from eating for an extended period voluntarily. There are several types of fasting. The one you choose is between you and God. He will honor your best sacrifice.


Full Fast

Drink only liquids (you establish the number of days).

The Daniel Fast

Eat no meat, no sweets, and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables.


Partial Fast

A partial fast is from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm or from sun up to sundown. You can select three types of fasting —a Full Fast, Daniel Fast, or give up at least one item of food.


Scripture References for Fasting:

Matthew 6:16-18, Matthew 9:14-15, Luke 18:9-14

Relation to Prayer and Reading of the Word:

1 Samuel 1:6-8, 17-18, Nehemiah 1:4, Daniel 9:3, 20, Joel 2:12, Luke 2:37, Acts 10:30,Acts 13:2


Corporate Fasting:

1 Samuel 7:5-6, Ezra 8:21-23, Nehemiah 9:1-3, Joel 2:15-16, Jonah 3:5-10, Acts 27:33-37


Remember that it is the attitude of a heart sincerely seeking Him to which positions us for the release of God’s blessings (Isaiah 58, Jeremiah 14:12, 1 Corinthians 8:8).


Seek the Lord and let your decisions about your fast come from Him. Ask Him to show you areas to target during this special time.

Expect to grow in your faith as you seek the Lord through the Biblical principles of prayer and fasting.

Remember, "He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!" (Hebrews 11:6)


- Pastor Ken Friendly


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