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Operating Plan


Registration for the upcoming service is now open.
It is required that each individual in attendance register.
If you are coming for the first time please read the entire page to familiarize yourself before you arrive. This will help enhance your worship experience.


Transition to In-Person Services
As we begin the process of our in-person services, we're honoring the guidelines put in place by our local government by observing social distancing, sanitation, and personal protection guidelines they set forth.


Registration is Required

The mayor’s mandate requires us to keep a legible record of the first and last name, phone number, and email address of all adult attending service for 30 days. This information will only be collected if needed for contact tracing or enforcement of this order.


Face Covering Are Required

What Precautions Is Lighthouse Taking?
• We are providing sanitizer at each entrance and in communal spaces.
• We are providing for hourly touch-point sanitization (e.g., doorknobs, railings restrooms) during the services.

Entering and Exiting The Sanctuary 
• We will be utilizing different entry and exit doors using one-way traffic.
Everyone will be required to enter the sanctuary at the front door on Hollywood Dr. and exit the sanctuary at the rear exit.
• The seats in the sanctuary are arranged to allow appropriate space between congregation members.
We Encourage The Following People To Continue To Worship Online With Us on Facebook and Livestream.


  • Those who are not ready to assemble in a larger group.

  • Those who have a compromised immune system

  • Those who have had any of the following symptoms this week: fever over 100, dry cough, shortness of Breath, or contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)​ 

NEXT-GEN (Children's Ministry)
• The Next Generation services will run concurrently with the adult services. You may also choose to have your child worship with you in the Main Sanctuary.

• We will provide a lesson handout and activity sheets for the Next Generation for those worshiping in the Main Sanctuary. 

• We ask that you please register your children, so we can anticipate the number of people to expect at each service. 

• For your health and safety, we will thoroughly sanitize our building's surfaces and seats before and after each service.
We Have Installed Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stations At All Of The Annex Entrances
Entering and Exiting The Annex

We will be utilizing different entry and exit doors using one-way traffic.
• The dedicated Annex Entrance is on the NW Executive office side.
• The dedicated Annex Exit is on the NW side in the alley.

 Will Children And Youth Still Have Access To The Services Virtually?
• Yes, children's and youth programming will continue virtually on Zoom.


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